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We are BREEZY TOUR AND TRAVEL®, INC. and look forward to the opportunity to act as your booking agent for your travel needs. These terms and conditions (the "Agreement") describe what you are legally entitled to expect from us when you purchase travel related services through us, in addition to your obligations as a customer.

BREEZY TOUR AND TRAVEL®, INC. (Hereinafter “BTT INC.®”) acts as agent for the suppliers who provide all accommodations, transportation & other services for group tours (Hereinafter, “Tour(s)” and individual travel purposes, (Hereinafter, “Travel.” Or “Trip.”)   All decisions regarding the components for Tours and Travel including, but not limited to; itineraries, participants, attractions, meals, accommodations, roommates, services & budget costs will be made by the individual party or the organized sponsor representative (Hereinafter, the “Trip Planner”) on behalf of all the attending participants.  (Hereinafter, the “Passenger.”) Organized sponsor is defined as, but not limited to:  a group, family, church, club or school, etc…  (Hereinafter, the “Group.”)


Booking a Group Tour with BTT INC.® involves Permission & signature of a custodial parent/legal guardian for all Passengers including those minors under 18 years of age. (Hereinafter, “Minors”) BTT INC.® will also act as a Trip Planner & offer Tours & Travel for sale to the public for retail. BTT INC.® sponsored Tours or Individual Travel require a custodial parent or legal guardian Passenger to provide a notarized signed form or Affidavit authorizing another adult representative to assume responsibility and accompany Minors on all Tours & Travel.  In the case of shared custody this may be required by both custodial parties.


A minimum number of Passengers are required for Tours to guarantee departure, unless otherwise specified. BTT INC.® reserves the right to cancel Tours & shall have no responsibility beyond the refund of all monies paid by the Passenger, which shall be deemed to constitute full settlement. BTT INC.® hereby expressly reserves the right to change the Tour destination if deemed necessary with or without notice to Passengers. Once any Tour or Travel has commenced, BTT INC.® cannot assume responsibility for any refunds, losses, costs or expenses arising out of injury, accident or death, loss of or damage to or delay in connection with baggage or other property, gratuities, parking, kennel, home, pet or child sitting services, local taxes to be collected at time of arrival, baggage fees, overweight baggage fees, baggage service, delay inconvenience, upset, disappointment, stress, frustration or loss of enjoyment or loss of holiday time resulting from:  a) The act of fault or omission by any party; b) Whole or partial shut-down or service providers, mechanical breakdown, government action, war, terrorism, revolutions, Homeland Security Alerts, political unrest, crowds, labor disputes, construction, elements of nature, weather, closure of access routes, the inability of transportation companies to obtain fuel, render it impossible or dangerous to obtain transportation, acts of God, strike, health quarantine, epidemics or any other action beyond BTT INC.’s® control; c) Passenger’s failure to provide necessary documentation for return to country of origin; d) Being denied access to aircraft due to contravening the airline’s conditions of carriage; e) Being held by Government direction or security or law enforcement agency; f) Passenger’s missing connections, Passenger lateness or failing to follow the directions of BTT INC.® or its representatives; g) The need for BTT INC.® to change itineraries, accommodations or services, provided that every effort is made to supply the most comparable available substitutes. Suppliers are independent parties, over which BTT INC.® exercises no control.  All services provided are subject to the conditions imposed by the Suppliers & their liability is limited to tariffs, condition of carriage, tickets, vouchers, international conventions & agreements. Passengers acknowledge & accept that BTT INC.® is not in any way liable for personal injury, personal property damage or loss, any inconvenience, loss of time or loss arising out of the act, omission or negligence of any direct air carrier, motor coach company, hotel or any other Suppliers in conjunction with Passenger Tour or Travel.  Furthermore, the passenger acknowledges & agrees that BTT INC.®,is not in any way responsible for any injury, damage or loss due to reason of theft, accident, mechanical breakdown, tow, storage, violation charge, political unrest, government action, weather, failure to make timely payments, or any other reason beyond the control of any Suppliers in conjunction with the Tour or Travel.


AIRFARE:  BREEZY TOUR AND TRAVEL®, Inc. has the right and will impose a minimum of $50.00 ticketing fee per leg, per person for all air bookings. International or multi-carrier itineraries may incur a greater fee.  BTT INC.® will provide air itinerary documentation & seating assignments as requested based on availability and when possible, for Passengers.  BTT INC.® will monitor air itineraries for schedule changes upon ticketing & final itinerary document distribution.  With the exception of final itinerary confirmation 48 hrs prior to departure, BTT INC.® will not be held responsible for any additional reconfirmation or passenger alerts within 48 hours of flights, or if guests choose to check-in online prior to travel.  BTT INC.® will not be responsible for any missed flights, missed connections, gate changes, transportation transfers or misinformation of vehicle airport transportation, pickup discrepancy or lateness on day of travel due to traffic, crowd or weather conditions.  Passengers will be financially responsible for any & all fees, penalties, re-ticketing fees or charges, waivers, ticketing penalties or surcharges resulting from any discrepancies on air travel documents, incorrect itineraries, lack of or invalid custodial documents, or lack of or invalid government identification at time of travel as well as any itinerary changes, itinerary changes, no-shows, missed flights or missed connections, re-booking fees, office overtime or emergency fees.  All flight situations will be evaluated on an individual basis.  Surcharges are solely at the discretion of BTT INC.®.  This may not be disputed, and no refunds will be made. 


TRAVELING WITH MINORS:  All minors traveling without their legal parent or custodial guardian will be required to provide a notarized Affidavit Form from all custodial parties, to authorize travel and a responsible party.  Customs & border patrol requires this Affidavit for all minors under 18. BTT INC.® does not act as a chaperone for said minors. 


TRAVEL INSURANCE IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED FOR YOUR TOUR AND TRAVEL.  Contact BREEZY TOUR AND TRAVEL®, INC. for details. Insurance policies are NON-REFUNDABLE. BTT INC.® will not be held responsible for any reimbursements whatsoever for anyone declining travel insurance protection.


CANCELLATIONS:  All Cancellations must be made directly to BTT INC.® in writing in order to be eligible or considered for any refund. Phone cancellations must be accompanied by an immediate email or written notice.  Cancellation policies vary by the Supplier & will be advised at time of quote or booking, payment or provided with documents. Suppliers may require further documentation for reimbursement. Refunds may or may not be provided as per supplier booking rules. No refunds are given for No-Shows OR leaving a Trip or Tour once it has commenced.  Reimbursement may or may not be a direct refund, but may come in a credit, voucher or alternate form.


CANCELLATIONS FOR BTT INC.®/CUSTOM ORGANIZATION DOMESTIC LAND GROUP TOURS: From tour deposit date -- 31 days prior to tour departure $50.00 penalty fee, plus any refunds provided by the supplier. Reimbursement may or may not be a direct refund, but may come in a credit, voucher or alternate form. From 30 days – Departure.  NO REFUNDS. Travel Insurance strongly encouraged.


CANCELLATIONS FOR BTT INC.®/CUSTOM ORGANIZATION INTERNATIONAL OR AIR GROUP TOURS:   Reimbursement may or may not be a direct refund, but may come in a credit, voucher or alternate form.  From tour deposit date -- 61 days prior to departure $250.00 Cancellation fee per person, plus a pro-rated share of room occupancy charges. Partial or full forfeiture of any non-refundable components or fees levied against the group as per our suppliers.  From 60 days – 31 days prior to departure $500.00 cancellation fee per person, plus a pro-rated share of room occupancy charge. Forfeiture of any non-refundable components or fees levied against the group as per our suppliers. From 30 days -- Departure date. NO REFUNDS. No refunds will be issued for unused or non-refundable tour, travel, land, sea or air component services.  Contact us to inquire about a Travel Protection Plan.


CUSTOMS STANDARDS NOTICE:  Passengers should be aware that different living standards, practices, conditions, customs & ethics with respect to the provision of utilities, services & accommodations may exist in other destinations outside the USA.


TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: Valid passport/Citizenship documents are required by many Suppliers for Tour & Travel outside the US.  No refunds will be made for delays, missed flights resulting from insufficient, lost, or invalid documents, denial of destination/country entry or carrier boarding. Passengers must provide BTT INC.® with precise & valid citizenship document details to secure reservation.  Disclosure of any situations affecting border crossing is the responsibility of the passenger. All financial & physical responsibility regarding citizenship or customs denial of clearance, detainment, eviction, vacating or meeting up with any Tour or Travel already in progress, will be that of the Passenger.


AUTHORIZATION:  Any photographs, video, correspondence or media content collected or during Tour & Travel may be used for promotional marketing or advertising materials by BREEZY TOUR AND TRAVEL®, INC.  


AUTHORIZATION FOR EMERGENCY TREATMENT RELEASE:  In the event that Parent/Guardian or Emergency contact as listed on the travel records cannot be reached in an emergency, authorization is hereby given to BTT INC.® to obtain treatment for participant listed on a BTT INC.® sponsored tour from a local first aid department, physician in the area of the activity, or at a hospital or medical facility/treatment room.  In the event participant cannot travel with the group, transportation of injured or sick participant will be the responsibility of parent/guardian or Emergency party.


ELECTRONIC PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION:  BTT INC.® accepts electronic payments via a secure and encrypted payment portal and manually via a credit card authorization form.  Transmission of this sensitive material is subject to authorization via desktop computer, laptop, remote access programs, wireless networks, USB drives, email & internet.  While security protocols are in place, sending complete credit card information via the internet, chat, texts or messaging is not advised, nor shall it be the responsibility of BTT INC.®  for any breaches arising from any breach or security incidents. Forms are requested by either hard copy mail, fax or email, minus the secure information and required a telephone call to supply the remaining secure information for processing. All personal information is destroyed after processing and business has concluded.   


ROOMING POLICIES: Tours require hotel rooms to be filled at maximum capacity.  Rooming lists are required a minimum of 60 days prior to trip departure to avoid penalty fees.  If occupancy changes, Trip Planners must notify TNN & reassign Passengers to avoid fees. Lodging bedding & washroom configurations vary.  BTT INC.® reserves the right to substitute lodging pending availability at the time of reservation.  Lodging may be under renovation or construction & BTT INC.® will not issue refunds or discounts for such case. Passengers may request, but are not guaranteed:  cots, refrigerators, cribs, adjoining or adjacent rooms, bedding, balcony or other related Tour & Travel requests and will be charged accordingly. These requests are based on availability and are NOT GUARANTEED.


SURCHARGES:  Suppliers may impose surcharges for fuel, supplies, seasonal demand & currency exchange rate fluctuation without notice & causing BTT INC.® to raise pricing without notice. Passengers in single occupancy rooms will incur single supplement charges. BTT INC.® will include document, promotional items & shipping fees in package pricing.  BTT INC.® will impose a minimum of $100.00 surcharge (per guest) as an “Intent To Travel” retainer when Trip Planners request multiple quotes, require extensive consultations, request itinerary revisions, require over or after-hour man-hours for extensive labor for research, modifications, printed materials, postage, handling, duplicate travel documents, shipping, cancellation procedures, insurance claim document processing, off-site meetings, multiple consultation visits or travel & for abandoned proposals.  This surcharge amount varies per incident and a portion of, or the entire retainer may, or may not be applied to the Trip or Tour.  All situations will be evaluated on an individual basis.  Whether or not surcharges will be applied to the Trip or Tour are solely at the discretion of BTT INC.®.  This may not be disputed, and no refunds will be made.


DAMAGES:   Passengers are held financially responsible for all damages & incidentals incurred with respect to their booked, hired, charter or rented transportation vehicles including aircraft, bus charters, vehicle rentals, boating, train, trams, trolleys, cars, vans, cycles or other mode of transportation hired by BTT INC.®, as well as any incurred damages & incidentals incurred to any of BTT INC.® booked lodging facilities including but not limited to;  Hotels, motels,  resorts, villas, cottages, camping facilities, cabins, youth centers, hostels, homes, apartments, condominiums or timeshares/vacation club rentals.  Passenger damages may include and are not limited to; room structures, furniture, finishes, windows, all hotel property, room service, in-room phone, dining, recreation, rental fees, entertainment, wifi & media usage fees.  Common area damage will be paid by the Group unless damage is associated to specific Passengers. Common areas are defined as: hallways, stairwell, lobbies, pool, banquet space, elevators, etc.  Suppliers reserve the right to hold the Group or the direct individual financially responsible for damages, extensive cleaning of property, or even eviction.  Any inconvenience, delays, loss of activity, supplier or change of itinerary caused by the resolution of incidental charges and/or property damage is at the discretion of the supplier & will not be refunded.


PASSENGER RESPONSIBILITY: BTT INC.®, OR ANY OF ITS STAFF, REPRESENTATIVES OR OFFICERS DO NOT ACT AS CHAPERONES OR SUPERVISORS FOR MINORS or ADULTS.  Care & custody of all Passengers, including minors & of all personal property shall be that of the Passenger OR Participant, (i.e.  Chaperone, Custodial Parent/Legal Guardian) at all times. BTT INC.® will not assume liability or accept responsibility or claims for lost Minors, damaged personal articles, electronics (including privately owned or rented items) due to breakage, theft, hotel, transportation or air handling, wear & tear, etc. at any time. All Tours will depart at the specified time. Passengers may be required to sign conduct expectation agreements by BTT INC.®,  suppliers, organizations or vendor. Unlawful activity or misconduct could result in Trip or eviction. Passengers endangering his/her safety or the safety of others for whatever reason, may be evicted at any time. Evicted Passengers (including Minors and their Chaperone, Parent or Legal Guardian) are responsible for any & all financial & physical costs & arrangements to repair damages, detainment situations and to vacate all Tour or Travel.   There will be no refunds.   BTT INC.®, reserves the right to decline or evict any Passenger from Tour or Travel participation at any time, and for any cause whatsoever, without explanation.


VEHICLE LIABILITY:  If Tour Participants are providing personal vehicles for transportation during a tour operated by BTT INC.®.  All vehicle, fuel, tolls, vehicle maintenance, documentation, passenger safety, parking, liability, travel violations, fees & penalties, participation in any & all activities to, from, during, and anything in transit from the tour destination are at the Tour Participant’s own responsibility, discretion & expense. BTT INC.® will not be held liable, financially or physically responsible for any vehicle maintenance, fuel, toll, parking, passenger safety, personal injury, property damages, violations or any reimbursement for portions of a tour or attraction lost due to delay, traffic, weather, or damages resulting from any travel situations arising from private vehicle usage.


RELEASE AND INDEMNITY: In consideration of BTT INC.®’s acceptance of this signed contract for the Trip & any activity associated therewith, the Passenger, any Passenger under the age of 18 & the custodial parent/legal guardian of any Passenger under the age of 18 releases & forever discharges BTT INC.®, its officers, directors, employees, successors, assigns, agents, cooperative agencies & Suppliers from any & against all claims, costs, expenses & demands in respect to death, injury loss or damage to his/her person or property wheresoever & howsoever caused, arising out of or in connection with the Trip or any activity associated therewith notwithstanding that the same may have been contributed to or occasioned by any act or failure to act, including without limitation negligence of BTT INC.®, any one or more of its officers, directors, employees, successors, assigns, agents & Suppliers from any & all claims, costs, expenses & demands in respect to death, injury, loss or damage to his/her person or property wheresoever & howsoever caused, arising out of or in connection with the Trip or any activity associated therewith. Passengers under the age of 18 & custodial parents/ legal guardians for Passengers under the age of 18 further agree that this release and indemnity shall bind his/her personal representative, heirs, executors, administrators & assigns.


INTERPRETATION: The provisions contained herein constitute the entire contract between BTT INC.®, & the Passenger, Passengers under the age of 18 & the custodial parent or legal guardian of Passengers under the age of 18. Submitting Trip deposit acknowledges that the aforementioned parties have hereby read the contract or been given a reasonable opportunity to read & understand this contract.

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